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        In order to promote and guarantee the quality of products, each year we are quality management personnel to the regular series of external training and internal training, and application in practice, and strive to every piece of high-quality products sent to the hands of customers.
        Training content
        1.QC introductory basic training
        2.The significance of quality system documents and quality in Enterprises
        3.Security operations and professional knowledge to explain
        4.Team sense and how to be a qualified product
        5.The rules and regulations, fire safety, safety production
        6.New employee and job description
        7.How to be a qualified class leader
        8.Target management, cost consciousness, improvement of management
        9.5S training and understanding of green printing
        10.How to carry out the daily work of QC
        11.Mode and method of process control
        12.Emergency measures for occupational disease prevention and the leakage of hazardous chemicals
        13.Common problems and treatment methods of each working procedure
        14.Quality management internal standards and judgments
        15.Printing professional knowledge explanation
        16.Quality management training of internal assessment
        17.Product management internal personnel exchange guidance
        18.Quality management department to explain the operation of the Department
        19.Quality control department
        20.Information and document management
        21.The main significance of quality
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